WWE Survivor Series 2016: Goldberg stuns Brock Lesnar!

The special event of the month from WWE is Survivor Series. There was the traditional 5-on-5 men’s elimination match between Team RAW and Team SmackDown but the main event was the return of Goldberg and he clashing with Brock Lesnar. The crowd chanted “Goldberg, Goldberg” before he entered the ring.


The last time Goldberg was in the ring was Wrestlemania XX and then, he had defeated Lesnar. Once again, he wanted a 2-0 record against the man known as “The Beast”.

Goldberg, returning to the ring after 12 years, charged to the ring and the crowd kept on chanting his name. Both Lesnar and Gold gave each other a stare before the start of the match. The referee tried keeping the two away and only allowed the fight at the bell. Lesnar began the fight with a pick-up to the corner but both of them stared at each other again. Goldberg didn’t hold back as well and began with a spear.

And what came later was just a shock to everyone.

Goldberg gave another spear to Lensar. And then the JACKHAMMER! The move finished Lesnar and the referee counted the three. There was no one in the crowd that didn’t celebrate the win.

Image Source: WWE

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