The Worst Bigg Boss Feuds ever

Bigg Boss, one of the most controversial reality shows on the Indian Television, telecasted on COLORS channel, is the best rated when it comes to TRPs. The reason behind its high TRP is 10% because of the celebrities who appear on the show as contestants, and the rest 90% is due to the never-ending feuds between the frustrated inmates.

Here, theedgymind has organizedd a list of the five most controversial BIGG BOSS feuds till date:


  1. Dolly Bindra and Manoj Tiwari: Technically the worst oral fight ever in the history of Bigg Boss, this fight took place in season 4 of the show. It occurred between the Bhojpuri movie fame Manoj Tiwari and a renowned   daily soap actress Dolly Bindra. She was the one who got hot over a light conversation going on between the two. The reason behind this fight was that Manoj Tiwari asked the kitchen caption of the house, Dolly Bindra to serve more eggs which she denied. Aggravated actor commented “Kitchen tumhare baap kaa nahi hai” to which the hot-headed Dolly gave her epic dialogue in response: “Baap pe mat jana”.

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2. Puneet Issar and Aarya Babbar: This was an unbelievable moment in the history of Bigg Boss which took place in season 8. It occurred during a task in which the famous actor cum wrestler Puneet Issar in his anger over a small task related matter gets violent over Aarya Babbar and uses physical strength to stop the later from doing his work. For this brutal act, Puneet Issar was immediately asked to leave the house. Out of courtesy or a publicity stunt, we don’t know, but, Aarya Babbar tried to show as if he has pity on him. Later on, the show brought Puneet back with a message of apology from him.

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3. VJ Andy and Kushal Tandon: This is an incident which took place in Bigg Boss Season 7 during a task called “ Ignore the obvious”. It happened between VJ Andy and Kushal Tandon. It all began when during a task; which involved ignoring Andy completely; Andy passed a few lewd comments on television star Gauhar Khan with whom Kushal Tandon was kind of in a love affair. When the situation went out of control, Bigg Boss asked all contestants to assemble in the living room and made the announcement that because of Kushal’s violent behaviour with Andy, he is required to immediately pack his bags and leave the Bigg Boss house. Gauhar being a loyal friend also accompanies him.

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4. Ali Quli Mirza and Sonali Raut: It all started with a major war of words between Ali Quli and Puneet Issar, again one from season 8 built an intense situation between the two. Just at that very moment, Puneet asked Ali to repeat a disgraceful comment he once made about Sonali in front of the whole house. Upon hearing the lewd remark which Ali had passed against her, Sonali felt badly hurt and was angered upon realising the extent of back-bitching which Ali was doing; she instantly reacted by giving a tight slap on Ali’s face. But despite a physically violent act was committed inside the house, the housemates stood united against him. He threatened to leave the house if a legitimate action wasn’t taken against Sonali and even tried evacuating the house by climbing the fences of the house. Later on, the actor is called in the confession room where he complained of a severe headache. He was, as a result, taken to a doctor. Whether this part was a reality or a publicity stunt is still unknown.

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5. Kushal Tandon and Tanisha Mukerji: Again a season 7 fight induced in a task between Kushal Tandon and Tanisha Mukerji tends to increase the TRP level of the show by numbers. In the midst of a task which involved irritating others so that the contestants give up, Kushal was doing the same. Tanisha could not take it any longer and thus came out of the box in which she was supposed to remain confined to complete the task. As an instant reaction out of instigation, she slightly pushed Kushal which was strongly disapproved by Kushal. He, as a response, starts shouting up to Bigg Boss to eliminate her or to take some serious actions against her. When he sought no such reaction from the other side, he, like the case with every Bigg Boss contestant does now and then, put his mic aside and later on tries climbs off the roof of the house and leaves.

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This was a list of my favourite Bigg Boss feuds till date.

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