Why is having a Linkedin Profile so important?

Unlike other social media platforms like facebook and twitter, Linkedin is a professional networking online community. Linkedin is a work-centric community which an individual joins when he wants to establish professional relationships to increase his career prospects. Anybody from a college student looking for an internship or has an experience of working as an intern or an experienced professional must have a Linkedin profile. It’s a place where prospective employers go to find candidates and even, use it to look deeply into the candidates’ past experiences.

  • These days, your Linkedin profile might be the first source of information about you with the employer on which he relies, even before your resume evaluation
  • Acts like an extension of your resume; so every professional must have an account with Linkedin with 100% updated and complete profile
  • Enables you to search for companies and their employees to make connections with them for future prospects
  • Joining groups or discussions on Linkedin open up new professional horizons for you by providing you with knowledge of what’s trending in an industry
  • Endorsements are the key feature of Linkedin which let your connections endorse you for skills in which you are good at
  • Exchanging recommendations with past employers and co-workers get highlighted on your Linkedin profile, which establishes your online credibility
  • Key achievements, independent course work, and certifications must be showcased, if any


While benefits of having a complete Linkedin profile can never be overestimated, but having an incomplete Linkedin profile might work against you, as it portrays an unprofessional impression of being lazy or careless towards details. So, if you choose to create a Linkedin profile, fill in all the details and put correct, verifiable information about yourself.

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