Why distance over Regular Post Graduation?

As the demand for interns are increasing in our “now startup-focused” Indian economy, many students are gaining work experience from the onset of their primary year at graduation college itself, with new companies hiring part-time interns to work for them. This has also imparted young students with practical skills and industry knowledge, preparing them for a full-time job quite early in their lifetime.

So, as soon as these students complete their graduation, they have a high probability of getting an appointment letter from a suitable company. Many students, who have interned during their college life and even those who have not, end up finding a job and prefer pursuing distance education.
Doing post-graduation via correspondence gives an individual ample amount of time to train himself on the job. This way, he will be able to figure out his hidden talents and also, choose which is the most appropriate job for him, which matches his skills. At the same time, his goal of educational qualification is also gets fulfilled, though remotely.
The most important advantage of distance education is the 24X7 Access to Study Material, which means you can study at your own pace so that you can go through any topic that interests you and finish that first, which actually sustains your interest throughout the course.
Also, the total cost incurred for joining a distance education programme is way lower than regular course from an institution. Since distance education offers flexibility of choosing time, it is a really good option for the housewives who can learn while sitting at their homes. It doesn’t even matter where you reside; you can gain your degree from anywhere around the world.
Due to an increase in the number of students opting for distance education mode, Universities and colleges are ensuring that their distance learning programmes and qualifications are of the same high quality as campus-based programmes. In fact, the material shared with the students remotely is as efficient as the one shared with the regular batch!!
The most frequent concern of the students is related to the confusion over the value of a distance learning programme. The answer to this totally depends on the student. Some students can make the most out of the correspondence mode of learning, but there are also others who are not comfortable with this pattern. So, choose smartly….

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