Watch out for ‘Kaabil’- Official Trailer out!

Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil is the pep talk of B-Town and the audience is looking forward to it with high expectations. Earlier we didn’t have much idea about what the movie is really going to be about. But after today’s trailer release we have high hopes from the movie and especially Hrithik’s performance. As our Bollywood superhero set town in the final movie of the year 2016, we believe he is going to make a solid comeback with this one.

ronit-roy- kaabil

And not just that, Ronit Roy looks like a badass villain and we know he never let’s down a role he has been given. Remember Udaan? Didn’t you hate the character? We did. And that is how strong his acting skills are.

Here’s the official trailer

The movie has already created a buzz in the nation and with all that’s going on, we’re sure of a house-full opening week. 

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