Virat Kohli’s Request For 100% Pay Hike Approved

The Indian Cricket Team led by Virat Kohli requested BCCI for a pay hike in the players’ contract. Now, as per latest developments, BCCI is all set to fulfil this demand.

As per a report by Times of India, the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) is working on a formula to add Rs 200 crore to the existing corpus of Rs 180 crore in this season to provide for the hike next season.

As per the present arrangement, 26% of BCCI’s annual revenue is split three ways – 13% for international players, 10.6% for domestic cricketers and the rest for women and juniors. However, after the change in the allocation for different categories of cricketers, a top player like Kohli, who made Rs 5.51 crore from 46 matches in 2017, could now earn more than Rs 10 crore per year!

Similarly, a Ranji Trophy cricketer, who made between Rs 12 to Rs 15 lakh yearly, could make up to Rs 30 lakh after the formulation.

“Senior cricketers are certainly going to get a 100% raise and even domestic players would get the same percentage increase,” a source close to CoA said. “Since, these cricketers are the reason for BCCI’s revenues, can’t the board afford another Rs 200 crore for their salaries?” a top board official asked.