The Ultimate Goal of Life; HAPPINESS

Everybody wants friends; nobody wants to be alone. We humans, are designed in such a way that we are always looking forward to talk to somebody to share our happiness or sorrow; which means, doesn’t matter whether we are ecstatic or are in despair, we need someone by our side always. We are afraid of being left on our own. Thanks to social media, these days people have become more dependent on others for their happiness; less “likes” on their profile pictures make them feel depressed, also, diminishes their self confidence. But why do we need other people’s approval and acceptance in everything we do?? We should love ourselves enough that others’ opinions about us have no negative impact on our lives. I am not saying that we should ignore people and their perspectives;We should always try to take positivity from them. Others’ views matter but to an extent. If the views are negative, we can take them in a positive manner by trying to improve ourselves because there is always a scope for our improvement in life.
Similarly, let us take another case; suppose there’s a plan for a movie with a friend and at the last moment, that friend wasn’t able to make it to the movie, how would we feel?…We would feel ditched and ultimately, we’d sit at home and miss the movie. This is how we ruin our mood by letting our happiness depend on others. Instead of feeling sad about the cancelled day out, we can simply go on with the plan with the exception that the friend would not be there; We can have a wonderful movie date with ourself!! Had it been, the friend  was there for the movie, it would have been an awesome day…but even if nobody is there, we are still having fun; We are having popcorn during the movie, observing people around us, and the best part is nobody is there to disturb us during the Moviefication 😛 so, no chance of missing even a single dialogue of the film. 😉
Hence, i’m sure most of the people will agree with me that the key to find happiness is be content with ourselves.
Trust me, the day we stop letting our happiness depend on others’ opinions and presence, we would become the happiest version of ourselves.

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