Switching from IOS to Android- Now data backup is possible

Now it is possible for iOS users to transfer their phone data when  switching over to Android. Yes, you read it right. Google has made this possible with the help of Google Drive. 

It will allow users to store their contacts, photos and videos and calendar events simply via this one application.

Here are the basic steps to follow for switching via Google drive.

  • Install Google Drive on your iPhone.
  • Open the app and then simply head to Menu>> Settings >> Backup.
  • From there you will get the option of syncing contacts, calendar events and photos and videos.
  • Next just tap on Start Backup.

Make sure you don’t close or exit the app or switch to another app when all your data is being transferred. That will stop the auto-sync. Also, don’t forget to  turn off the imessages otherwise you won’t be  receiving any text in your Android phone.

This step of Google is indeed very useful for various apple and android users!

Featured source: Daily Genius

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