Story: “The best sex of my life” – drunk, aroused, embarrassed

We found this answer on Quora for a question which read, “What was your most embarrassing sexual moment?“! Turned out, the answerer’s most embarrassing sexual moment was the best sex of her life. Read the irony:

It was New Year’s and my family had left to a party. I, on the other hand, had secret plans of my own. They had to be secret because my mother was very strict. Had she known I’d do this, I’d be in trouble.

I bought a Large bottle of Vodka and Invited my boyfriend over to the apartment to join me. We were already dating for 6 years, I felt comfortable drinking with him.

Alas alone, We sat in the living room and we both drank one shot. Nothing happened, we talked, laughed, and I continued with a couple of shots. “This alcohol is making me ‘very hot & bothered’”, I thought, “I want more!”.

At this point, we were making out but I wanted more alcohol, I didn’t feel drunk, just aroused and I wanted more of that. He advised me not to have anymore because I wasn’t used to it, but I winked, giggled and gulped straight from the bottle.

I underestimated the effects.

Minutes later we were in the bedroom savouring, eating each others skin passionately. I pressed him against me and it didn’t seem to be enough, I wanted him closer. I had never been more aroused in my life before.

I remember enjoying that night so much, feeling pleased, sexy, ecstatic, uninhibited, adventurous. I was Ferocious Feline in bed.

I screamed “Harder!!! Harder!!! F@ck Me!!! Ohhhh, Uhhhhh, Come on!!!” And I moaned LOUD. So loud, I pretty much SCREAMED my Moans and YELLED dirty words. I also remember his hand on my mouth, and not understanding why he wanted to stop this ECSTATIC moment. In my drunken state, nothing made sense except giving in to that moment.

I was getting there, I was there, that was the peak of my Mt. Everest, finding my Moby Dick. My Moans deserved an Oscar!

That moment, being high in the action is the last I remember.

Next day I wake up with a terrible headache. I have clothes on me that I don’t remember putting on, my hair is stiff, my hip is bruised and my face hurts.

He visits me to see how I was and I ask him how our night of passion was, I mean, I was feeling the side effects of being hit by something, but our sex was incredible, right? That must have been the best night of his life too.

I was far from it.

He said “Weeelll, yes, but you were screaming! I couldn’t shut you up and your neighbors were listening to you scream all those dirty words! You were moaning so hard, even when I barely touched you. I put a sock in your mouth and It didn’t work, I didn’t know what to do! Then you started to throw up so I took you to the bathroom and you just missed it. I grabbed a bunch of your mom’s good towels to clean up your vomit, but I shouldn’t have left you alone because when I came back you were on the hallway floor, naked and complaining that your face hurt. The damn dog had peed on the floor and your hair was all over the urine. I tried to wash you and I was afraid your mom came soon so I just got whatever pieces of clothing I found and put them on you. I don’t even know who they belonged to. I was so embarrassed when I walked out of your apartment, I didn’t want the neighbors to see me!”

I wore the Scarlett Letter for months, until we moved.

So there you have it, alcohol arouses me, but to my luck, I seem to be allergic to it. Two drinks, or even one at times gets me very sick. While this was a very embarrassing moment I don’t regret it at all, because If I had known how intolerant I was to alcohol, I wouldn’t of experienced what I believed to be ‘the best sex of my life’.

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