This Smartphone’s users are 100% Satisfied in India, It’s the top trusted phone

Chinese smartphone maker company OnePlus which entered the Indian market not so long ago has become the most trusted phone brand in India.

This claim is based on the report which is based on the survey conducted by CyberMedia Research, a firm that regularly conducts the Mobile Industry Consumer Insight (MICI) Survey to capture the consumer aspirations, preferences, and challenges, and dislikes around smartphone brands.

OnePlus becomes the top trusted phone brand in India based on three findings by the MICI survey:

#1 Going by the quality of the OnePlus phone, OnePlus users are said to be 100 per cent satisfied.

#2 About 96 per cent OnePlus customers are satisfied with the availability of the spare parts.

#3 The report further notes that around 90 per cent OnePlus customers are satisfied with problem resolution