The Sky High Cafe: Featuring kickass 360 degree view of Delhi

Announced as Delhi’s best open air and largest terrace cafe, The Sky High Cafe in Ansal Plaza, Delhi is now open and we can’t stop drooling enough for the majestic 360- Degree views of Delhi it promises. If this isn’t reason enough for you to head over, then here’s more.

Sky high

Forget about the view, how about free Sheesha as opening offer? Yes! They’re offering free Sheesha for a few days along with beautiful city views.

Or you can just sip on your coffee, watch the sun-set or trip on the soft music this Winter with a glass of Rum.

Just don’t miss the 150-seater magnificent cafe in Delhi now that it’s open.

The aisle leading to the cafe is also a pretty mesmerising sight to behold! Adorned with beautiful, hand-drawn paintings and illuminated with London-style lamps, their ambience is really soothing.

Sky high

Adding to the environs are the Eiffel Tower-shaped (aww!) bar stools and calming lighting & soulful music!

All you have to do is dress yourself up (smart casuals only) and drop by!

Excited much? We’ll just see you there! 

Image Source: Zomato

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