Shocking LOVE TRIANGLES of Bollywood Celebs

#1 Katrina Kaif – Ranbir Kapoor – Deepika Padukone

Deepika and Ranbir’s love blossomed when the duo commenced their careers in Bollywood. However, after dating for almost 2 years, Deepika caught Ranbir cheating on her with Katrina Kaif, whom Ranbir met during the shooting of a movie.

#2 Kangana Ranaut – Aditya Pancholi – Zarina Wahab

Kangana Ranaut was younger and a struggler in Bollywood when she met and fell in love with 20 years older Aditya Pancholi. Aditya was already married to Zarina Wahab then. However, things fell apart when Kangana lodged a complaint against Aditya for physical abuse.

#3 Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif – 

Well, as you read in #1, it was not only Ranbir who cheated on Deepika, it was even Katrina who cheated on her then boyfriend Salman Khan, to be with Ranbir Kapoor.

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