Sherlock series 4 trailer #2 is out; Have you watched it yet?

The Sherlock season 3, which aired in 2014, was termed as ‘the most watched BBC drama series ever’ in 2014. Sherlock fans were in for a treat when a Special episode was premiered on 1st Jan, 2016. The Sherlock series 4 premieres on 1st Jan, 2017, here’s the 2nd trailer for the season 4:

The fourth season has three episodes,  The Six Thatchers (Jan 1st,2016), The Lying Detective (Jan 8th, 2016) and The Final Problem (Jan 15th, 2016). Toby Jones is a guest star for the second episode.

The trailer ends with Sherlock saying ‘I love you’, what does that even mean? Put on your Sherlock hats, and get set think!

It’s been a long wait for all the Sherlock fans, and the trailer only fuels the excitement!

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