Sherlock to return with an epic season in 2017!

Viewers had barely recovered from the Great British Bake Off final when the BBC stunned fans by announcing a date for the new season of Sherlock.

An advert featuring a violin with the numbers 01.01.17 and the word Sherlock appeared just seconds after Mary Berry announced Candice Brown as Bake Off winner. The announcement sent Twitter into a frenzy and Benedict Cumberbatch’s character’s was trending almost immediately.

Some fans could not contain their excitement, including Twitter user Chris who said season four of the show would ‘hit him harder than puberty’.


Everything Sherlock fans know will be ‘tested’ as the detective thriller series returns to screens at the beginning of next year.

The first trailer of the show’s fourth season, broadcast on BBC1 on Wednesday, revealed that it will begin on January 1, 2017. The teaser, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, gave glimpses of the upcoming scenes with the mysterious lines: ‘Everything they know will be tested…Everyone they know is under threat.’

It comes the day after Cumberbatch himself hinted that the next series will be so dramatic fans might require a break from the show afterwards.But the British star, 40, revealed there could be a longer gap than normal between installments after the forthcoming episodes.

Are you ready to be Sherlocked, again?!

Image Source: BBC

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