Say Allo with Google Allo!

After all the hype Google has been creating for quite some time about the messenger “Google Allo” which is supposedly going to ‘kill’ WhatsApp for good, we have it here with us. Finally!!

Pretty exciting articulation, heh?

In the battle for online supremacy, this seems to be a move undertaken by Google to undo what seems to be one of the strongest and most sensible acquisitions by Facebook – WhatsApp.

Allo is powered by the preview edition of the Google Assistant. Google Assistant is the Artificial Intelligence powerhouse developed by Google, which we have grown to love and appreciate.

Google has been tagging this as virtually the Messenger which would revolutionize online texting.
Here are some really unique features that the Google Allo app provides –

  1. Reply with Smart Reply – Allo adds more “you” to your chats. Just by a single tap, you can choose the emoji and text suggestions that are based entirely on what you type and use more often in your chats.
  1. Change text size in your message – All you have to do is slide up or down to get your point across. You can easily adjust the size of your text in order to express your point more clearly!
  1. Doodles on images – Now you can draw a smiley face or any line over the photos you send in your messages. You can also mix colors and show your creative side to your friends..!
  1. Chat with your own Google Assistant – How many times have you been lazy in sending a video or locations of the restaurants nearby leaving the conversation and going on to google for help? With your personal google assistant, all you gotta do is add @google in your message and seek for answers on your chat itself. It is even more surprising when you can chat with your assistant for reminding you of your flight or asking about the latest scores of your favorite matches.
  1. Go private with Incognito Mode – With Allo, you can share your videos, images, stickers, and locations even in incognito mode. This can be done by tapping on new chat and going on incognito chat. This mode does not show your chat in the Allo conversation list. You also get to choose if you want the notifications and for how long do you want them on your screen. Also, your chats are end-to-end encrypted.

Now whether Google Allo kills WhatsApp or not is ruled by the hands of time itself. It might, It might not.

Google Allo still needs to get ahead of WhatsApp which has a six years experience, to become the champion messaging app. Nevertheless, it has acted like a threat to all the other apps and has come up with features we’ve never come across. Let’s see how far Allo goes in this already crowded market of messaging apps!

Eagerly awaiting the commercial iteration.

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