Revealed: Sriti’s X-Mas secret on the sets of Kumkum Bhagya

With the advancement towards the end of this year, serials are soon enough to include various twists and suspense.

25th December is soon to arrive and a SECRET SANTA game makes it all much funnier than it should be. And now here’s the big news, the sets of KUMKUM BHAGYA are the first ones to come up with a new trend of including Santa in the parties.

kumkum bhagya

Sources say, “Every Year Sriti Jha takes charge of Secret Santa game on the sets. She prepares the chit and circulates in the entire cast and crew. They are given 10 days time to find apt gift for the receivers. Now, everyone on the sets have already been given the chits and gifts will be brought on the day before the Christmas. People are quite excited and looking forward to the day.”

So this sounds quite childish and sweet!

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