The return of Kickass Torents; Yes! it’s true

Kickass Torrents was shut down in August this year, after its alleged founder, Artem Vaulin was arrested in Poland and the domain name was seized by the US Justice Department. The website however never died entirely as a lot of clones cropped up on the web, which proved to be futile.

Now, time for good news!

According to a TorrentFreak report, Kickass Torrents’ original staffers have brought the defunct website back to life under a new domain name, with all its old content and former glory.

“The majority of our original Staff, Admins and Moderation team joined us after went down – which is something we’re very proud of. This shows the loyalty, dedication and real love for KAT that we all share,” the Kickass Torrents team told TorrentFreak. The team added that they faced several issues in putting the website again in working condition. However, this time around the team has made additional efforts to just keep “safe elements”.

The staffers have pointed out that their site has a proper ‘DMCA takedown procedure’, just like websites like YouTube, saying that they do not store any copyrighted material on their own servers.

The new website can be accessed by clicking on this link –

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