7 Reasons Why you SHOULD work at a Startup

To make our lives easier and productive, the technological advancement is happening rapidly. The pioneers of this change are the startup enthusiasts. With an increase in the number of bright minds and creative thinkers, there is a growing trend of startups. As the number of startups are growing, there is a relative increase in demand for talented candidates, who could work as hard working employees at these startups. Starting your career as a startup employee may not seem like a good idea at first because of low salary and a few benefits in comparison to working at a big corporate firm, but the learning experience and skills attained can never be over-estimated.

Being an advocate for people having startup experience, I have compiled a list of few points for highlighting the realities of the most challenging and rewarding personal experience, working at a startup could give you!

  1. Development of multiple skills

    Since the workforce at a startup is usually small, there are high chances that you will be handling responsibilities not only limited to your designation and job description, but a few more. You might be hired for the position of Marketing manager, but at some point, you might be developing content for website, at the other point, hiring interns, while sometimes, be even taking care of finance. In a corporate job, one gets stuck in a particular field and has fewer chances of attaining knowledge about other departments, however, in a startup, the monotony of performing the same task gets broken


  2. Sense of responsibility from the beginning

    Performing multiple roles is great, but that comes with a lot of responsibility. There would be autonomy for sure, as you would probably be the only one working on that particular task, but that autonomy would have to be used wisely and responsibly. Again, let me remind you, the human resource is less; so, your every move has an impact on the performance of the company. This is unlike big corporate firms, where a single employee might not impact the company’s reputation and performance.


  3.  You learn, a lot

    Apart from performing several duties within the company, you will get to know a lot about a business structure, decision making, investor pitches, business development, maintaining finances etc. Your thinking horizons would expand by working with the innovative and talented founders, who had the guts to take a risk to start a venture of their own.


  4. Part of important decisions

    Since the teams are quite small, so generally all the members are included in the decision making process. Startup employees are given authority over and visibility into business decisions as well as the ability to voice their opinions—and actually have them heard. This gives them a sense of independence and ownership, and as a matter of fact, encourages them to give their best shot while performing their tasks.


  5. Recognition

    In a large organisation, no single individual’s effort has a huge influence on the success of the company. But, in a startup, every employee has a significant impact on the outcome of the business. Remember, your good work will always be recognized and appreciated within a startup, however, the mistakes will also get easily caught, which again, has a positive impact on you in the long run. This is because mistakes, when taken care of, at an early stage, could be rectified immediately with the help of boss or co-workers in a startup, which would make you work harder next time to get recognition for the good work.


  6. Would make you frugal

    Startups are generally bootstrapped, or mostly, run on investors’ money, due to which it is very important for a start-up to utilize these resources efficiently and effectively. This is done to make sure investors’ trust is maintained and also, to attract more investors. Working in such an environment where offices are small, furniture is less etc, rationality gets spread in the minds of the entire team. Being economical and to create an asset out of a few resources, is a very important trait for the successful growth of the career of an individual.


  7. Startup of your own

    If you are someone who is striving to be your own boss one day, then joining a startup would teach you how to build a corporation from a scratch. Being a part of a company whose aim is to bring about a change from the traditional method of doing something, to simplifying and creating something new, would boost your innovative mind, which would help you start your own venture with the necessary talent, skills and most importantly, enthusiasm.

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Now, what are your thoughts about working for a start-up? Share them in the comments below! I would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why you SHOULD work at a Startup

  • August 16, 2016 at 10:45 am

    Working for a startup helps us to refine our skillset.
    The best part is that your knowledge & area of work will no longer be limited by your designation.


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