Rahul Gandhi and Congress Twitter Accounts hacked

Yesterday, tweets full of expletives, and racist and homophobic slur were posted on Mr Gandhi’s timeline around 8.30 pm. They were deleted but new ones came up immediately. Rahul Gandhi’s profile picture was removed and the title was changed from @OfficeOfRG to “Retarded Gandhi”. The account was later restored.

rahul gandhi
Source: www.theindianexpress.com

This morning, a dozen abusive tweets were posted on Congress’s @INCIndia’s account.

rahul gandhi
Source: www.ndtv.com

Mr Gandhi’s email account, the Congress’s Twitter page, its website and server have also been hacked“, the party said.

Watch video: After Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter Handle, Congress Official Twitter Account Hacked

The Delhi Police has registered an FIR into the hacking of Gandhi’s Twitter account on the basis of a complaint filed on Wednesday. The police said an investigation has been initiated and are looking at all aspects regarding cyber crime.

Featured source image: www.ndtv.com

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