MAJESTICALLY SPECTACULAR is all we could figure out to say after watching the amazing trailer of King Khan’s RAEES.

It has the best look of SRK you ever could have imagined. Shah Rukh Khan in and as RAEES ASLAM KHAN and his role has been inspired from ABDUL LATIF, the famous bootlegger of 80’s.

After what seems to be a very long waiting period, the movie’s release date is all set and the trailer is out which happens to be amazingly amazing. In the trailer, we see Shah Rukh and Mahira romancing.

Also, there is a song which features SUNNY LEONE and the music seems as if it’s a remake of the song “LAILA MAI LAILA..”
raees trailer

Source: movies.ndtv.com

Nawazuddin is all about arresting RAEES as RAEES does an illegal business of smuggling liquor. Nawaz is featured as an honest cop who is to arrest a criminal at all costs and SRK as an obstinate resourceful smuggler who is all the way too daring to give up the business just because a cop threatens him.

This movie is a sure shot blockbuster and you got to watch the thrilling trailer yourself.

Featured image source: indianexpress.com

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