Pokémon Go Cheaters getting BANNED for life

It’s been more than a month since the game Pokémon Go debuted and made people go out and search for Pokémons in weird locations, take long walks to hatch eggs and stand at a particular place consistently with eyes hooked onto their phones performing gym battles.

As the number of players increased, the desire to have more Pokémons and to be on a higher level of the game increased too. The inclusion of questions likes “How many Pokémons do you have? Which level have you reached?”etc in the conversation with the peers led to a feeling of competitiveness to get an edge over the other players of the game. This urge gave birth to numerous cheats, tricks and hacks, which would enable the cheaters to have control over the game.

These gamers have so far resorted to using GPS spoofing, emulators, bolts and other such ways to get ahead in the game, that too, by catching Pokémon from the comfort of their homes. Apparently, Niantic sees it as vanquishing the whole purpose of the game “Pokémon Go”. Niantic has always maintained that its goal for the game is to get people out into the real world. These cheats are also putting a negative impact on those players of the game who play fairly. The ones using the bolts can evolve and hatch Pokémon in lesser time, due to which, it gets difficult for an honest player to defeat the cheaters (having higher CP Pokémon) in gym battles.

To address this issue, Niantic has decided to start banning such dishonest accounts. It has put an official statement in the FAQs of the Pokémon Go website.

Necronomicon, whose tool is NecroBot, emulates the players’ character movement and is highly customizable depending on the requirements and the need. This means the player can make its character walk at a speed as per his wish, in an area where he feels he might catch good Pokémon, get pokestops and hatch eggs too! Now, after the initiation of legal actions started against bot creator/ developers, NecroBot has bid Goodbye to its users by clearly mentioning that they have removed the source files and downloads.

The end of such bot programs would alleviate the concerns of those who were putting efforts into the game, by playing it without cheat tricks.

If you are one of those who were issued termination “incorrectly”, an appeal can be filed through a form on Pokémon Go’s website.

If you have more information about the bans carried out by Niantic, please share your knowledge in the comments section below for your fellow readers.

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