Planning to buy a new phone? Now is the time!

In lieu of the recent demonetization policy, electronics sales have taken a hit hard as people still struggle to get their hands on cash. As a result sales have gone down and people are finding it difficult to move over to cashless transactions. Mobile phone dealers have come up with a scheme to meet their sales targets.

Retailers have typically followed the method of financing, where a part of the cost of the phone is paid upfront while the rest is paid in monthly installments at a certain rate of interest, besides accepting payments through credit cards, debit cards and all cash. About 30-40% transactions are done in cash.


Retailers, especially of consumer electronics and phones, have started rolling out various schemes to incentivise purchases with the aim of selling as much inventory as possible.

Keeping this in mind, now is a good time to buy a phone, with 0 downpayment and almost interest free monthly installments.

Image Source: JioCare

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