Phone on Fire! – Galaxy Note 7 Sales stopped, again!

Ever since the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, all we’ve heard how it has become a handy bomb. In lieu of recent events, Samsung has decided to halt the Sales of Note 7 for the second time. The company has also requested the existing users to stop using their devices and turn them off. Since when did phones turn into bombs? What is the point of upgrading to a technology which ultimately damages everything around itself.

Take a look at this one. This one did not just blast, but also damaged the Macbook along with it. So much for a Flagship phone!


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The top US and Australian carriers on Monday suspended sales as well as exchanges of the flagshipNote 7s, while major airlines reiterated bans on passengers using the phones.

The world’s top smartphone maker said it had asked all the global carriers to stop sales. “Consumers with either an original Galaxy or replacement device should power down and stop using the device,” the company said in a statement.


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The Smartphone giant is revoking the device after achieving 2.5 Million in Sales after the phone’s launch.  We hope Samsung finds a way to reimburse all the affected Users.

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