Petrol Price up by Rs 2.21 per litre, diesel by Rs 1.79 per litre

The price of petrol has been hiked by Rs 2.21 a litre, and the price of diesel by Rs 1.79 per litre, excluding local levies.  The actual hike after considering VAT would be Rs 2.84 per litre in Delhi for petrol and Rs 2.11 for diesel.

After the hike, petrol in Delhi will be priced at Rs 68.94 per litre as against Rs 66.10 prior to hike. Similarly, a litre of diesel will cost Rs 56.68 as compared to Rs 54.57.

The hike comes at the time when there is a rise in international gasoline (petrol) price to USD 62.82 per barrel from USD 57.43 and that of diesel to USD 60.97 from USD 56.79.

Image: jagran

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