Petrol, Diesel Prices Up by 89 paise and 86 paise respectively

For the sixth time since September, the Petrol price has been hiked by 89 paise and diesel by 86 paise a litre, the third increase in a month. The hike will be effective from midnight tonight.

The petrol in Delhi will cost Rs 67.62 a litre from midnight tonight, up Rs 1.17 from Rs 66.45 per litre currently. Similarly, diesel will cost Rs 56.41 a litre up Rs 1.03 as compared to Rs 55.38 at present, after the inclusion of VAT.

This is the sixth increase in petrol price since September 1, the last hike being on October 16 by Rs 1.73 a litre. In case of diesel this is the third price increase in a month, the previous being of Rs 2.77 per litre on October 16. The price of petrol has gone up by Rs 7.53 per litre in just over two months, while the three price increases of diesel total to Rs 3.90 a litre.

Image Courtesy: NDTV

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