‘Padmavati’ Application Returned By Censor Board, Release Date To Suffer

While Sanjay Leela Bhansali‘s Padmavati faces criticism and backlash from a number of communities in India, amid all this, the censor board has returned the film’s application citing “technical deficiencies” in it, likely delaying its release.

As per TOI’s sources, the application was sent back to the filmmakers through an online process on November 16. The film’s December 1 release is expected to be delayed as a result.

A source close to the decision said, “It will be incorrect to say that the film has been rejected. The CBFC has only sent Padmavati’s application back to the filmmakers because of certain technical deficiencies in the form. Once the filmmaker returns the completed application, the film will be reviewed as per the rules.”

Official sources said CBFC follows a strict chronological order to approve films and that ‘Padmavati’ will not be allowed to “jump the queue” to seek the board’s approval and the grant of a certificate.