OMG! TRPS of The Kapil Sharma Show are falling!

Undoubtedly, Kapil Sharma has been entertaining us for a log time now and he is indeed, the comedy king of India. But now it seems that the falling TRPs of The Kapil Sharma Show have another story to tell. Last year Kapil Sharma with his crew shifted to Sony TV. The switch was due to the comedian’s differences with the previous channel. After a year, even though Kapil has managed to retain his cast, the show does not entertain or feel the same, anymore.

The show has become repetitive and the content seems the same. The stand alone acts of the team, which comprises of talented comedians like Sunil Grover, Kiku Sharda, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar, are no longer meant for the viewers but the guests.

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