OMG! Sanjay Dutt Wanted to Beat Up Ranbir Kapoor’s Father!!

‘Khullam Khulla’ – Rishi Kapoor’s biography – is in the news these days since it got released a few days back. Even though a lot of explosive revelations were made via this book by Rishi Kapoor, there is one more instance – in which Sanjay Dutt wanted to beat Rishi Kapoor.

In an interview to a daily, Gulshan elaborated on the incident, saying that Rishi possibly developed a liking for Tina Munim around the time, Sanjay Dutt was seeing her. It didn’t go down well with Sanjay, who along with Gulshan, decided to show up at Rishi’s door to beat him up. However, before they could get to Rishi, they ended up meeting Neetu Kapoor, who at the time was not married to Rishi. Neetu reportedly assured them that their concerns were baseless.

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