OMG! Ranveer Singh reveals a truth about himself

Ranveer Singh in a candid interview revealed something about his flirty nature. This is how he opened up about being flirty, “The thing is I am just a born flirt. So if I am talking to a cute girl, even I don’t realise that I am flirting. It just happens naturally. And I have always been that way.” 

Ranveer Singh

One thought on “OMG! Ranveer Singh reveals a truth about himself

  • February 8, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    We all know Ranveer Singh for energetic & powerful performance. He does something weird things in public that no one expects from any superstar. He also makes statement about his sex life And flirting with girls is not his hobby it’s naturally start. To know more about Ranveer Singh go to Bollywood Hungama here –


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