OMG! Bigg Boss Contestant Rohan Mehra Threatened His Fans…

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Rohan Mehra is in relationship with Kanchi Singh and both are very much in love. Kanchi gave all her support when Rohan was nominated in Bigg Boss house. Recently, Rohan thanked Kanchi by posting a picture on his Instagram account. He wrote a lovely caption “Thanks for always being there 🙂 #RohanMehra #GoodTimes.”

Thanks for always being there ? #RohanMehra #GoodTimes

A photo posted by Rohan Mehra (@rohanmehraa) on

As soon as Rohan posted this picture, his fans started lashing out at his girlfriend Kanchi. Some of the Rohan fans also wrote that Kanchi is ruining Rohan’s career. Rohan got so upset that he ended blocking some of the followers and fans who wrote bad about Kanchi. Actor also wrote this in the comments section, “I Don’t care about my image but I do care about Kanchi’s image. If you all will continue this kind of behavior, I will have to shut my account.”

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