Now ‘Paytm Karo’ without internet

Not everyone has an access to the internet when at market, or any other open place; Wifi is not available everywhere and not everyone buys a data pack. Plus, not everyone can afford a smartphone. There are still many people in various corners of the world, being hit by demonitisation but they don’t have access to digital wallets because they can’t afford a smartphone. 

Shopping using Paytm needs a working internet connection. And to tackle this internet problem, Paytm has announced a new feature that will allow people to use Paytm wallet without internet and smartphone.

1800 1800 1234 is Paytm’s toll free number. Customers who have Paytm account need to call at the number from there registered mobile number in order to set your PIN.
After that, customers can make payments using Paytm without Internet and smartphone by calling this number, typing in the phone number of the recipient, then the amount, and finally typing in your PIN for confirmation.

Okay Friends, Paytm Karo! 

Featured image: Gadgets360

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