Note Ban “the biggest scam of the year” : Chidambaram

Ever since the PM scrapped the Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes, strident comments and accusations by the opposition have been making headlines. Recently, the Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram was added to the list of those who do not seem to be happy with the Government’s historic move.

“It has broken the back of the poor people, and a case of ‘khoda pahad nikli chuhiya’.” said Chidambaram at an event in Nagpur.

He also questioned the Government’s objective behind the Demonetization, stating it to be ill-planned and ultimately leading to grave problems for the poor.  “Has this stopped corruption, black money? The objective is not being served by this. Only the poor are being punished,” he said.


He also defended Opposition’s demands regarding Prime Minister’s presence in the Parliament saying, “How is it an unreasonable demand? Why shouldn’t the PM be present in the House when we are discussing demonetisation? He should listen to us”.

Many people have questioned the government’s Demonetization move, stating it to be poorly planned. However, the Prime Minister has asked for 50 days of support and patience from the citizens of India. Chidambaram also pointed out that the initial goal of the act of Demonetization, which was counterfeiting black money and fake currency, has now shifted to ‘Cashless Economy.’ The Former Finance Minister said, “It is no longer about black money… now they have found a new one called a cashless economy,” adding that, “It is like motherhood and apple pie. No one speaks against them, similarly no one will speak against cashless society.”

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