Nights just got better for sleepless heads

Are you a night owl and bored of your laptop, phone, television and that talkative boyfriend/girlfriend? The Edgy Mind’s got you five things you could do at night if you can’t put your stubborn self to sleep.

  1. Maintain a Journal: A journal is a man’s best friend, it won’t judge you for your worst sins, mistakes or confessions. Start penning down your thoughts, which will make you feel lighter at heart and maybe put you to sleep faster as that heavy heart and mind won’t be so heavy after you let out those feelings.
  2. Blogging: Try your hands at blogging! Move on with those late night videos and movies on your laptop and start blogging. Write about what interests and upload photos; you might just end up earning some followers and even better, some bucks!
  3. Youtube: Learn something! “Youtube” is full of “How to’s”; USE IT! Learn aything that interests you, from playing any instrument to learning a dance form, yoga and exercises to your favourite food recipes, etc.
  4. Burn Calories: Staying fit and maintaining it is difficult; work out at night?; Place any cardio machine in your room and step on! You can also exercise or just play some music and dance to it; the aim is to shed off some calories, so move it!
  5. Make Wish-Lists: It’s important to crave and want things in life; Make wish lists, for everything; destinations, automobiles, clothes, footwear; anything and everything that you love; while you make such lists at night; work hard during the day to turn those wishes into reality.



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