NewsDog app Releases India’s First Trivia Contest of 2018, will make you a Millionaire

NewsDog is back with another exclusive feature, which helps spread knowledge and earn real cash. NewsDog is India’s no. 1 news app with more than 35 million installs. In the last 2 years NewsDog team has always mesmerized and surprised us with their exciting and unique features. Yet again NewsDog is back with a bang, this time with ‘NewsDog Malamaal Contest’ – A thrilling KBC like game show which can get help you win ₹50,000/- real money every day!      

Download NewsDog app here:   and use this invitation code to get a free ‘Extra Life’ UPAUPC

NewsDog Malamaal Contest’ is already available in the NewsDog app. You can find NewsDog app on Google play or you can also download using the link below. The game show is simple and helpful to gain valuable general knowledge from day-to-day life. Just like the KBC format you have to answer 12 simple questions correctly and the winners will share the prize money equally. If you are the only one who gave all correct answers you win ₹50,000/- all by yourself. This contest is hosted twice everyday which increases the opportunity to win big cash every day. What we also like about the NewsDog app is that it is trying to promote great reading habits with an incentive to win great rewards. This surely will help fellow readers improve their general knowledge. Furthermore, NewsDog is a great platform to get latest news from India and around the world so everyone will find something that interests them here.

Our team was invited by NewsDog to play this game and we have only praises about how good the game was. Simple rules and engaging content is definitely NewsDog’s guru mantra here. NewsDog is the first company in India to host such a game show for all its users which makes it super exciting. We managed to add some screenshots of the game to give you the taste of it.

Everything starts with a notification, the app sends you a notification …… minutes before the start of the game. Make sure you have kept the NewsDog notification on or you might miss the exact time of the game. First few minutes before the count down, a lovely lady host explains all the rules and regulations of the NewsDog Malamaal Contest. It’s funny to see a bot hosting this game show but it’s also creative thinking by the team to give a realistic feel. Read all the rules carefully as it explains a lot of details of how you can maximize your winning chances. For example the ‘Extra Life’ feature. ‘Extra Life’ can help you stay in the game even if you answer one question incorrectly. Which means you are allowed to make one mistake per game. Now this is more than generous. How to get ‘Extra Life’? It’s simple just invite a friend to install NewsDog app and ask him/her to use your invitation code. Once your friend uses that invitation code both you and your friend get one ‘Extra Life’ each, piece of cake! So as many friends you invite as many ‘Extra Lives’ you can get. Remember though only one extra life can be used during one game.