Nescafe Basement – For the love of Music!

If we say Coke Studio or MTV Unplugged, you’ll say you’ve heard of it. But hey, what about Nescafe Basement? Most of you wouldn’t know about it, maybe some of you would. We’re here to enlighten you more about it. Why? For the love of music.


Nescafe Basement is considered to be the top music platform for the young musicians of Pakistan. The music show has introduced dozens of new singers and music artists.

Popular bands like Soch and Bayyan were introduced to the masses through this platform.


Over the years, music producer Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan’s Nescafe Basement has almost taken shape of an ashram for upcoming musicians.

While being at it in the show’s fourth season, the guitarist who is lovingly called Xulfi, decided to bring together 10 female musicians for a cover of John Newman’s Love Me Again. Within days, the song went viral, to the extent that it reached Newman himself, who tweeted his praises


We decided to list top 5 songs from Nescafe basement:

  1. Tere Jeya Hor Disda (Season 4)

  2. Do Pal (Season 3)

  3. Awari (Season 1)

  4. Akhiyan Udeek Diyan (Season 2)

  5. Allah Hoo (Season 3)


The journey of Nescafe’s Basement takes their individuality and music from humble jam sessions to mainstream audiences, as you witness their coolness and the magnificence of their talent.

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