Karan Johar’s shocking revelations about this Bollywood actor

Karan Johar, the 44 year old filmmaker has made many headlines with his revelations in his book, “The Unsuitable Boy“. He also had something to say about Kajol’s Husband, Ajay Devgan. This is what he said:

“Ajay Devgn called me and shouted at me and said some really nasty things because he heard at a party that I’d said some things about his wife. She was one of my closest relationships, as close as family could get, but it got unpleasant. Ajay said I’d bribed a trade analyst to write bad things about his film and praise mine, then he put out a statement saying there should be an investigation and she retweeted it saying ‘SHOCKING’. And that was it… I don’t want to say anything more, but yes one thing I’d like to say & I stand by it is that this is not a phase, a feeling that will change. No matter what, she’s out of my life.”

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