Karan Johar wants to stay being a Bachelor

Karan Johar is one of the most eligible bachelors of B-Town! (After Salman Khan)

Karan Johar can sing whenever he wants to, he can dance on beat when he has a dancing mood, and he can make movies that can steal away your heart.

He is a type of person who is always happy! He is known to answer every journalist’s query with a smile and confidence. But there is just one single question which is always tends to ignore- “When are you getting married“?

karan johar
Source: AMP MidDay

The same happened when he was asked the question at the launch of a singing talent show ‘Dil Hai Hindustanion’. He ignored the question and started to reminisce his school days, saying- “As soon as any music note is played, I get its minutest details on my mind. I may have a vast knowledge of music; however, I cannot sing. For my first function at school, my mom advised me to stay away from crooning. She very politely told me to narrate a poem or participate in the elocution instead. Of course, I didn’t listen and decided to sing an English song. To my surprise, I sang so badly that I was asked to leave the stage half way“.

Saying that he is the busiest personality of the filmdom right now is not wrong! He is judging television shows from six years, he is a director, he is a producer! Oh yes, he is a multitastker!

When he is asked about how he manages everything so well. He asnwered- “When you have no wife and kids, you get almost eight hours free to your credit. So I get a chance to do a lot of things“.

It seems like Karan has no marriage plans for now. He is a happy bachelor. Karan we wish that a girl enters your life pretty soon!

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