Kapil Sharma Hasn’t Broken Up With His Girlfriend Ginni, Confirms Friend

Kapil Sharma is in news almost every day. His show recently went off-air on a break because of Kapil’s deteriorating health. Amid all this, it was reported on Thursday that Kapil and his girlfriend have parted ways because of a third woman!

To rest these rumours, Dinesh Kumar – a close aide of Kapil Sharma and member of The Kapil Sharma Show, in an interview with Hindustan Times, has rebuked such claims.

He said, “Aisa kuch nahi hai. Kapil and Ginni are very much together and in a steady relationship. I have known Kapil since our college days and if something like this happened in his personal life, he’s my brother and he surely would have confided in me or informed me. It’s just that around his film, people are spreading false news and rumours about him. It’s nothing like what has been reported.