Kangana Ranaut’s fashion advice for Deepika Padukone

The top actresses of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone are said to have a cold war of sorts. However, it was pretty great to see how Kangana came in support of her Bollywood rival.

You remember Deepika’s look at the European Music Awards this year? Unfortunately, Deepika couldn’t impress the critics with her red carpet appearance, with a British newspaper even labeling her a “Bollywood blunder”.

When asked about this, Kangana came to Deepika’s defense and said that one should not bother about the style police. She added that everybody is entitled to an opinion and since it’s impossible to please everybody in showbiz, one shouldn’t care much about what people have to say.

The ‘Queen’ actress concluded by saying that when it comes to failures – be it a fashion blunder, a flop film or a failed relationship – there is always a lesson to learn.

Well! Kangana you really stole our hearts by talking like that!

Featured image: indianexpress

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