Jio Digital Life vs Airtel

A tough competition has been set out between Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel since the arrival of the former in the telecom sector.

On September 5, 2016, the Reliance Industries launched its Jio 4G services in the market. The company announced that the services will be provided at no price, to the users till December 31, 2016. Thus, the subscribers will get free access to unlimited data and voice calls. Who would want to miss the opportunity to enjoy unlimited data and voice calls for 90 days!!

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With a sudden surge in the demand for Jio sims, Airtel has brutally blocked the Mobile Number Portability facility for its users who wish to switch to Jio services.

Airtel has also adopted a new technology to improve its connectivity and 4G speed. The company has named this project “Open Network“.

Airtel has recently announced an offer for its 4G users under which a one-time recharge of Rs. 1,495 will provide an unlimited data for 90 days. Airtel said, “While the pack is available for Rs. 1,495 for its existing users, new users can avail this offer via the first recharge of Rs. 1,494.” That’s how Airtel is using its marketing strategy by giving odd prices which makes a difference of hardly a rupee. But that’s because the users tend to be more attracted towards the strategy of the odd pricing.

Airtel has come out with yet another offer under which the subscribers, can get free incoming calls on international roaming. These moves are aimed to ensure the continued usage of their network when Jio makes attempts to overtake them.

However, we don’t see an end to this duel anytime soon. Airtel continues to fight back in order to make sure its users don’t switch to Jio and its market position remains stable.

All we can do is sit back and witness how the arrival of a disrupter of the existing telecom industry would make the others follow suit. In the end, the customer is the ultimate beneficiary of this fight!

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