Irfan Pathan’s Cricket Career’s Downfall Reason Revealed Via PHD on his life

Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan was a brilliant swing during the start of his international cricket career. But, presently, Irfan hasn’t been able to impress the selectors and make a comeback to the team.

Recently, Tanvir Shaikh, who is a former woman cricketer completed thesis on Irfan Pathan titled ”A Case Study on International Cricketer Irfan Pathan’.

“Irfan has always been an inspiration for aspiring cricketers not just on the field but even in personal life. I thought that a thesis on his career would be the best topic,” Sheikh told Times of India (TOI). 

“I was performing very well in 2012, then I believed that I would be called for a test.” Unfortunately, at the same time, I got hurt again, even after injury, nine days out of 10 days. Playing on the field, this injury remained my turning point.”

Tanvir also said that when Irfan Pathan got injured he followed too many advice from people and this led to his downfall. At that time, it was important that Irfan took professional advice and didn’t make too many changes in his technique. But, that didn’t happen and Irfan kept making changes in his style and technique.

“The idea was to find out how a person from such humble background went on to become one of the successful cricketers in the country,” she added. Tanvir said, “Irfan Pathan was injury-prone and that’s what affected his career apart from the issue wherein he consulted many experts about his bowling,” Tanvir added.