iPhone 7 release date and specifications

Apple’s iphone launch “Special Event” 2016 is one of the most awaited annual event, along which there is a simultaneous release of its other products including apple watch 2, new MacPro and new iPodTouch. Earlier this year, Apple introduced iPhone SE, which didn’t really attract the attention of the buyers, as well as Apple’s stocks. So, public is keeping an eye on to this event to know if there is anything new which Apple has  to offer to its old as well as potential new iphone users

Release Date :

As per tradition, the iphone launch event usually happens in the second week of September. The iphone pre-orders begin a week after the event, while the new iphone hits the shelves by the second week after the event.

As per Mark Gurman, earlier an official Apple Reporter, now having moved to Bloomberg, has revealed the date for the tech giant’s next iphone to be September 7, 2016.

As per a prominent VentureBeat Reporter Evan Blass, the iphone 7 retailer release would be made on September 16, 2016. Since the event traditionally happens 2 weeks before the retailer release, the expected date of the event would be September 2, 2016 as per his speculations.

However, there has not been an official roll-out of invites from Apple yet, which would likely occur in the early second half of August, so it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact date of the Special Event.


Specifications; Rumours and news:

As per previous years’ records, we would normally expect a new iphone with a new design in September 2016. However, Apple is planning to reveal a new iPhone with a fresh and smart design in 2017, which would mark the 10th anniversary of the first ever iPhone. If industry experts’ and reporters’ expectations are to be believed, there are not going to be any major changes in the design of the new iphone, apart from a few internal hardware and battery upgrades.

Let’s explore some of the expected changes:

1. iPhone 7 headphones; wireless?

One of the biggest changes would be the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, which gives birth to 2 speculations: headphones would either be wireless or may connect to the lightening port. If rumours are to be believed, Apple is making this major change to make this iphone the thinnest one ever. Some sources also state that the digital signal from the iphone’s lightening port makes listening experience better than ever. This would make the new iphone thinner by 1 mm than iphone 6.

2. Ditching 16 GB version

Some reports also suggest that from this iphone release onwards, the iphone7 base model would come with 32 GB memory storage. Until now, the base iphone came in 16 GB. The other memory variants would be same as before, that is, 64 GB and 128 GB models. Only 16 GB would be replaced by 32 GB. This has led to uncertainty of the price of the next model. There is also a possibility of a 256 GB version inclusion.

3. Improved Camera

The new smartphone is expected to use iSight camera. This would allow for capturing high quality images in low-light conditions with the help of the anticipated 13 megapixels primary camera and the 8 megapixels secondary camera. iphone 7 plus variant might feature a dual-camera lens that takes brighter and more detailed images.

4. Removing Home Button

As per Bloomberg Technology, the iPhone will use pressure-sensitive technology from Macbook-computers for the home button. This means that Apple would drop its famous home button in favour of an on-screen touch button, which would provide a bigger space on the screen.

5. Smart Connector?

The iPhone 7 plus image released by Chinese website Bastillepost depicts a Smart Connector on the back of the device. Smart Connector is an Apple feature currently available in iPad Pro, which is used to connect to accessories like Smart Keyboard. It is not yet known how Apple plans to utilize this feature, but it could perhaps be used for wireless charging.

6. New colour

In addition to gold, rose gold, silver and space grey, the iphone 7 would be launched in an additional colour; space black. The space black colour would be the same as available on the Apple Watch.

7. iOS 10

Apple launched the Beta version of iOS 10 for the developers during the Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2016. The official release of the iOS 10 is expected to coincide with release of the iPhone 7. The iOS update features majorly an updated siri, music app, photos, messages app and home screen.

8. Battery upgrade

Iphone 7 is expected to receive a healthy battery upgrade. As per Steve Hemmerstoffer of nowhereelse.fr, the iphone 7 battery will upgrade from 1,715mAh to 1,960mAh, which translates into a 14 per cent bump in its capacity.

9. OLED Display

iphone currently uses LED display, however, the next model is expected to feature OLED display. Such move would lead to reproduction of better visuals, but might hamper battery life.

10. Waterproof iPhone

The Wall Street Journal had reported that the iPhone 7 will have improved water resistance. In fact, if the headphone jack removal rumour is true, then it will also add on to the improvement of iphone’s water resistance. This could also mean that Apple is ditching its traditional aluminium casing for “new compound materials” for strengthening its water resistance frame.

There are also some more speculations including the up gradation of Ram to 2GB for iphone 7 and 3GB for iphone 7 plus; introduction of A10 processor for smoothening the iphone user experience; inclusion of dual speakers, removal of antenna lines from the rear side of the phone to give it a finished look etc. However, there is still a lot of blurredness in these stories. Let’s wait a few more weeks for the picture to become clear.

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