Inferno- The Edgy Mind Review!

Today’s release Inferno which casts the famous Tom Hanks and Irrfan Khan, has been long awaited. We decided to find out if the movie was worth the wait or not and here we present to you The Edgy Mind Review.



Based on Dan Brown’s “Inferno”, the story about Robert Langdon(Tom Hanks) kick starts with an intense scene and catches the interest of the viewers immediately. The opening scene is carefully shot with a strong plot setting played excellently by Hanks. As the movie proceeds, you will find yourself questioning certain facts being portrayed in the movie.

The first half of the movie is in parts of the past and the present. You would want to connect the dots, but you will still not know what the story is referring to. But the context setting is done in a way that you wouldn’t want to give up just yet.

Half-2 :


With the lead being taken over by Irrfan Khan, the movie takes a turn towards the interesting part when things actually start to make sense. Now is when you’ll realise that the movie is going to have a climax worth the wait. You can almost predict what’s going to happen in the end, but the question remains how!

Irrfan Khan has brilliantly played his role apart from his accent that just doesn’t stick in a Hollywood movie. His role catalyses the play of the movie and the rest is all Hank’s cult.

To sum it up, calling it a thriller would be not an exact word, but based on the storyline we recommend it is a one time watch.

The Edgy Mind Rating: 3/5

Image source: IMDB

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