Why do most Indians Not use Toilet Paper? This Girl Explains With The Help of ‘NUTELLA’

Indian Don’t Use Toilet Paper! We have come across this statement multiple times in our lives and every Indian has his/her own reason for using water instead of toilet paper. however, we came across an interesting answer on

However, we came across an interesting answer on Quora which will totally move the Toilet Paper Users and make them think hard about their choice! The answer is witty and has a reference to our food crush ‘NUTELLA’!

Here is the hilarious explanation:

Because paper can’t do what water can. Especially for cleaning. 
Westerners, you won’t get that. So I will present here an example.
Put some Nutella on your right hand. Then wipe it off with a piece of paper, preferably toilet paper.
Put some Nutella on your left hand. Now wash this with water, preferably a faucet.
Now touch and smell both the hands.
The right hand would smell of Nutella and you may feel some remnant on it too.
But the left hand neither smells of Nutella nor there is anything to touch.
Now imagine. Put your bodily waste instead of Nutella. Now tell me, which one is more hygienic?? You want a little remnant there or complete cleanliness?
Well, Indians have always been pro-what-feels-right!! Hope that makes sense.