“I have learnt kindness from Neerja Bhanot’s example”says Sonam Kapoor

At Mother Teresa Memorial Award held on 20th November, 2016, Late Neerja Bhanot was honoured for her courage and grit. Neerja Bhanot, an air hostess, died serving her passengers in Panam 73 flight which was hijacked in Karachi in September 1986. She saved the lives of 359 passengers. Neerja’s family decided that actress Sonam Kapoor, who played the role of their daughter in a biopic of Neerja, should receive the honour on their behalf.

“Neerja has been a turning point in my life not because of the movie, but the kind of person she still is in my life. Kindness is something very rare these days, and that is something she has taught me. There is a huge place for compassion, kindness and understanding in everybody’s life. Especially in this age where there is so much to strive for and hatred… For a 22-year-old girl to show that much patience, kindness and love, is something we should all follow”, says Sonam Kapoor upon receiving the award.

She was dressed up in a pastel green saree and also took part in a discussion on combating terrorism.


Image source: timesofinida.com

Featured image source: timesofindia.com

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