How to perfectly shape your Eyebrow

Having the perfect eyebrow is every girl’s dream! The way your eyebrow is done can actually make or break your look.

We believe that getting that perfect eyebrow shape should be a cakewalk for you so that you could look natural and less madeup! So, we highly recommend you to follow this 4-Step procedure for shaping your eyebrow to get that perfect look:

STEP 1: Brush eyebrow hair upwards with an eyebrow brush or spoolie.

step 1 eyebrow

STEP 2: Use a brow powder or pencil to define the lines. step-2

STEP 3: Add depth and fill in gaps with light upward strokes for a natural look – never drag back and forth.

STEP 4: Add a touch of highlighter or concealer right beneath the brow bone for an open-eyed look. step-3

Thank us later! 😉

Source: Pinterest

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