Who is the hottest man according to Anushka Sharma If not Virat?

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli might seem the hottest love birds these days, but this is not what Anushka thinks. Virat is not the hottest man according to her.

In a recent interview, upon questioning Anushka Sharma about who is the hottest man alive according to her, she did not actually pick up Virat Kohli which any other girl would surely would have done. Instead, she picked up her Patiala House co-star AKSHAY KUMAR.

Adding to it, her explanation said that he is the most handsome man in Bollywood and that everything looks good on him. She even went on to dub her former co-star as the “GEORGE CLOONEY of INDIA”.

So, this is something contradictory to every girl who falls for Virat Kohli.

Featured image source: hdwallpaperslatest.com

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