Here’s why Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ gave a wrong message to society

Sultan is one of the biggest blockbusters of Salman Khan, which won millions of hearts around the world. However, we came across this interesting answer on Quora, which kind of justifies that the movie gave a wrong message to the society as a whole.

Here is the explanation:

A young man who is in his twenty’s.

He has no aim in life.

He has no passion in life.

He is not serious about his life.

He has no big dreams.

One day, he sees a girl wresting with male wrestlers and instantly fall in love with her. ( Love at first sight, Typical Bollywood!)

They became friends. Girl thinks that they are just friends. Boy thinks they are lovers because that girl has spent one day with him on his bike!

Girl says,”Love does not happen like this. Love happens when you respect somebody. When you see that someone has a unique quality that you don’t have. I have a dream. I know what i want in life. You are just an aimless joker!”

Obviously, now boy’s ego is destroyed.

He goes to her father’s training center for wrestling and challenge 1 professional wrestler and loses against him. Now, he challenges his father that he will return after one month challenge his 3 wrestlers.

He practiced very hard for one month, returns and beats 3 professional wrestlers in one try.


Take note that those 3 professional wrestlers are training for at least 20 years and this friend-zoned lover beats them after just one month of training.

Highest insult to the professional wrestlers. )

Wait, Wait this is not over!

Girl falls in love with him after this heroic victory!

They married!

He does training for another 6 months and won Gold-Medals in every competition!

Including Commonwealth games, Asian games, World Championship.

Still, Our hero’s heroism is not finished.

Best part comes now!!

That girl also done progressed in her carrier with her husband.

She got pregnant!

Her father told her that she destroyed her 20 years of training. Why didn’t you control yourself.

She answered that my love , my husband will fulfill my dream of winning olympic medal. ( Indian people love when a female sacrifice something for her male! )


One girl who trained herself from childhood for her dream, can’t imagine how many sacrifices she made in these 20 years to fulfill her one dream.

And she is ready to give on all her hard-work, for what?

To make someone a father! ( Really !)

But, as i said this is what indian people want to watch , this is what indian writers want to write!)

2 thoughts on “Here’s why Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ gave a wrong message to society

  • January 12, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    Anything is POSSIBLE in our Bollywood industry , though it is empty from inside. REALITY always has to be DIFFERENT than what we see . As far as matter concerns about sacrifice, girls in our country are born with it. She has to sacrifice in everything whether it is love , career, dreams or its own body to make others HAPPY whether willingly or by forcefully.


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