Here’s presenting Sony’s PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim!

Welcome to the next console generation-ish. This year Sony has breathed new life into the PS4, twice. The result is we now have the ‘PS4 Slim’ and ‘PS4 Pro’ joining the original PS4. Neither of the new machines is a full generational step up, but they do have very specific differences.

So let’s take a look at what has changed…

From the left, PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro


Immediately striking are the three designs. Living up to its name, the PS 4 Slim greatly slims down the original PS4 while the PS4 Pro is significantly larger.

The result is three substantially different designs yet all clearly stemming from the original PS 4. All three retain Blu-ray (and DVD compatible) optical drives while the PS 4 Slim and PS 4 Pro step up to USB 3.1 and the Pro uses its extra ‘layer’ to add an additional USB port

Needless to say, from a visual perspective the PS 4 Slim is obviously the standout of the three: it’s thin, discrete and very living room friendly. But the real talking point and the key explanation behind their external differences is what lies inside:


While the PS 4 Slim keeps to the tried and trusted route of reboxing the original console into a thinner, lighter and more efficient footprint while retaining the same performance, the PS 4 Pro has very different ideas. Sony says the PS 4 Pro delivers a 30% CPU and 100% GPU boost over the PS 4 and PS 4 Slim and its extra 1GB of RAM is specifically for non-gaming functionality so the full 8GB can be reserved for your gaming at all times.

The PS4 Slim

Storage & Price

  • PS 4 – $300 – 500GB HDD (user upgradeable)
  • Slim – $300 – 500GB / 1TB HDD (user upgradeable)
  • Pro – $400 – 1TB HDD (user upgradeable)
PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro!

Bottom Line

For casual gamers, the PS 4 Slim is a sleek, quiet and modest upgrade on the original PS 4 with greater living room sensibilities. There’s absolutely no need to buy the PS 4 anymore.

But the Play Station 4 Pro is the one aficionados will pick. It won’t be enough to get all existing PS 4 owners to upgrade, but it is the line’s new flagship model and its competition with Microsoft’s Project Scorpio console will be the gaming world’s biggest battle of 2017.

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