Here’s Why MS Dhoni Was Never Bullied As A Kid

The former captain of the Indian Cricket Team Mahendra Singh Dhoni has recently revealed that he was never bullied as a kid growing up in Ranchi.

“I don’t think I was ever bullied. One of the reasons could be that often, people who are very small, thin or timid, you tend to get away without being bullied; if someone is very cute and cuddly, he/she also gets away with things. I was small and timid,” Dhoni told The Print.

“So as far as bullying is concerned, I do not think we were bullied at any point in time. Even when we started playing cricket at the under-16 or under-19 level, we were never bullied. Often, it depends on the seniors – how the seniors are in the team environment affects the nature of the team, and the juniors also get groomed according to them. What is important is that you keep on passing the baton to the next generation.”

“Bullying is not a thing that should happen. In a society, it does happen, but there are ways to deal with it. One of the effective ways is to pass on the culture of being against the concept of bullying, and the culture of being nice to people. That is what life is all about,” Dhoni said condemning the act of bullying.

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On asked, whether there is any bullying in professional cricket, Dhoni replied, “Cricket is known to be a gentlemen’s game. At the same time, there is banter that keeps going on, and that is very different to bullying… I don’t think there is bullying.”